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  • Mental health and body image……
    This is a really hard post to write. I have been on the final combo of lithium, quetiapine, sertraline and thyroxine for just under a year and the effects on my physical health have been devastating. I can’t possibly put into words how bad it has been, but the trade off in terms of my […]
  • When you feel on top of the world and then things go horribly wrong…….
    There are times in my life when I finally feel that everything is going well, and that everything is starting to come together. I know that it won’t always be that way, but I feel a strong sense of hope and I feel that even when I dip that I will somehow muster through and […]
  • The state of in between…….
    So a lot of the time when discussing bipolar it is easy just to talk about the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, the mania/hypomania and the depressive episodes. But there is the other state of play that is not always addressed as freely as the other states. The state of in […]
  • No self worth…
    It really is the pits, when you have no self worth. I know that from time to time we all feel down on ourselves, but when you have bipolar and self worth is rock bottom (or sometimes even fails to exist), it is a very dangerous and difficult place to be. I think that there […]
  • Doubting disasters….
    I live in a constant state of doubt. Do people really like me? Do I really look nice? Am I really that bad? Do I really deserve all of this? Why do people really hate me? What should I really do? Why does everyone really hate me? Why am I really so shit at my […]

The Host

A closet bipolar battler who hopes that in writing this blog, she, too, may one day see the sunny side.

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